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Our Story

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

First of all – thank you for reading, and taking the time to invest in yourself and your future. Just like my good friend Ben Franklin said, preparation is absolute essential for any pursuit. If that pursuit happens to be landing a Big 4 job offer, than this site is the #1 resource for exceptional, curated content to help you prepare.

Now onto me…

I’m the creator of Big 4 Bound and a CPA with experience in multiple Big 4 firms. Just like many of you, I went to a small school with very little exposure to the “Big 4” accounting firms and had to figure out on my own how to get my foot in the door. Through online research, informational interviews, networking, and constantly refining my resumes and cover letters, I was able to land an offer with my top-choice firm.

My interviewing / job search process, now coupled with 5+ years of Big 4 experience has taught me a lot of valuable skills and knowledge that I want to share with you. I built this site to help share everything I know about landing a Big 4 interview and job with you, and we are working hard every day at fulfilling that goal.

If there’s anything you would like us to write about or expand upon, please let us know! We’re here to serve you, so please do not be shy about reaching out to big4boundsite@gmail.com with any feedback you might have – and thank you for reading!