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“Your rate of success rarely outpaces your rate of self-improvement”


I can’t remember where I heard this quote anymore, but it’s been on my mind a lot recently and I started thinking about how relevant this would have been during my Big 4 job seeking years.

If you’re ever in a rut, or starting to ask yourself why you’re not getting interviews or job / internship offers, ask yourself how much time are you really investing in your own self improvement?

  • Are you repeating the same process expecting different results? Or are you picking up on feedback and incorporating it into your preparation.
  • Maybe you’ve run spell check on your resume, but how much have you really researched how to make your work experience relevant to your prospective employer? Are you using the most effective action verbs? Quantified your achievements?
  • How many mock interviews have you done with your career center? How hard are you working to incorporate their feedback and practice?
  • How much homework are you doing on the Big 4 firms? Have you cold called / Linkedin messaged some new associates to see what their experience has been like, and what worked for them during their interview process?

If you’re not having as much success as you want, check in with yourself on how much time and effort you’re truly putting in to your own self improvement. You need to work both effectively (doing the right thing) and efficiently (doing things right) at honing your interviewing skills, resume, and cover letter in order to land a job offer.

I hope you take this quote to heart and carry it with you into your careers, and if you ever find yourself thinking about why you’re not having the level of success you think you should be having, revisit this blog and kickstart your self-improvement plan.

For a comprehensive roadmap on landing a Big 4 job offer, check out the Big 4 Blueprint, and make sure to send us a note at big4boundsite@gmail.com for any topics you’d like us to hit on.

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